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5 Reasons Why Your School Needs To Go Cashless

Cash may have been king for centuries, but its reign has ended.

As much as we may not want to believe it, the world is swiftly migrating over to a cashless future. It’s time to ditch carrying around grubby R50 notes and start utilising the smartphone in your pocket. With Karri, not only does it give every parent in your school a virtual card terminal in their pocket, it allows schools to manage, collect and easily reconcile payments being received by parents.

So let’s dive into our top 5 reasons why your school needs to go cashless:

1. It’s Healthier, cleaner and safer for everyone

Cash and your debit/credit cards can carry germs and nasty microbes for up to 48 hours…So why do we insist on sending dirty money to school with our kids?

We recently shared the hard-hitting fact that the average credit/debit card Germ Score was 285 and the average cash Germ Score was 160. To put Germ Scores into context, the higher the Germ Score the dirtier the surface. It is recommended that a food establishment surface should have a germ score of 10 or less. This critically shows that the money we are handling on a daily basis, be it cash or our debit/credit cards, are filthy and just as likely to be passing on diseases and germs as physical contact with another person.

With Karri, there is no need for a parent to come onto the school premises to use a card terminal; or for children to be moving around dirty money. Create your collection on Karri and do your part to help prevent the spread of germs.

2. Remove temptation for opportunists

Sadly in recent months, schools across South Africa have become a soft target for criminals. Having little to no security at schools and thousands of Rands sitting in an office is a worry for everyone. Plus, sending your child to school with a small fortune puts them at risk too. Remove all of the anxiety by adding all of your school collections onto Karri. Our payment system allows schools to create collections online within minutes. Parents then simply download the Karri app, create a profile and make the payment, removing the need for the child to be responsible for cash and putting the school at risk of theft.

3. Schools Save hours of administration time, improve efficiency and provide transparency on financial reports

The Karri app not only provides a simple, secure gateway for parents to pay for school-related transactions; it also provides the school with a fully comprehensive financial management system. Saving your finance team hours and hours of painful reconciliations. You can use the Karri system to track every payment made to the school even if this is not via Karri. Plus, you can send out reminders to parents who are yet to pay.WHY-USE-KARRI (2).jpg

4. Collect more for your fundraising events via Karri

Time and time again our schools have proven that running their fundraisers on Karri has allowed them to collect double, sometimes triple what they used to collect pre-Karri days. Think about it, rather than scrambling for cash, the school can create a variable donation style collection, allowing your parents to donate however much they want to the cause.

These collections are sure to raise significantly more due to the ease and convenience provided to the parent. Don’t believe us? Create a Fundraising collection on Karri and try the theory out yourself.


5. Karri gives you 100% peace of mind that your money is always secure, making it the leading product in the school space

Karri is the only product in this industry which is backed by a bank, meaning your money is always safe and secure. When choosing a product to implement into your school, we know how important it is to provide a trustworthy service to parents and teachers alike. Having the security of a bank-backed product means there are absolutely no grey areas when it comes to the security of your money.

Go cashless today. Contact our support team on 021 300 1867 or via support@karripay.com

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