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Here’s how to send your 2020 class lists to Karri

A new year is fast approaching! And with a new year, comes a fresh new class of scholars! We’re in need of your 2020 class lists to load onto the Karri system. If your class lists for next year are ready to go, please send them through to us, once you’ve sent your data, you’ll be able to send out collections for 2020.

Here’s how to send us your new school class lists:

• We’re looking for you data to be in an Excel document. You can download our data import template here. 

• Once your 2020 class lists are in an excel document, you can send it to us via the Karri Dashboard by simply heading over to the Students tab.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 09.15.24.png

  • Next, simply click the Actions button and press Secure Data Upload.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 09.15.35.png

• Finally choose your file and upload it.Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 09.15.55.png

• Once we’ve received your data and uploaded it to Karri, we’ll let you know.

Popular collections for 2020 include:

School fees:

We’ve seen many schools across South Africa successfully use Karri to get parents to pay for their child’s school fees.

Using Karri means parents can make fast and secure payments to your school without the hassle of having to EFT. Parents can gain e-points if they are using a credit card plus, they have a full transaction history on Karri so they can easily keep track of their spending.

Using Karri to collect school fees from parents means:

– Saying goodbye to painfully reconciling EFTs from parents.
– You are able to remind parents easily that they need to pay.
– You assign add custom amounts to children. This is ideal for school fees with different payment schedules.
– You can keep track of all payments on Karri’s comprehensive financial management system and you can export all data to Excel.

Textbook collections:

Simplify your 2020 textbook collections with Karri. Our shopping list feature is ideal makes adding different textbooks simple! You can view our shopping list tutorial here.

Stationery collections:

Forget endless paper trails. Stationery collections on Karri not only make things easier, but it also means you are saving the environment. Using Karri for these kinds of collections save hundreds upon thousands of pieces of paper. Find out more about adding your stationery collections to Karri here.

You can use Karri for every and any school event or collection. Make 2020 the year your school goes cashless. Find out more here: or contact one of our support team on 021 300 1867

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