Innovative Fundraising with Karri in 2021

Innovative Fundraising with Karri in 2021

The new school year has officially kicked off, and it’s no secret that times are a lot tougher this year than when the 2020 academic year began, and the world had little notion of what lay ahead. It’s common cause now that high levels of support are essential as parents grapple with rising levels of debt, leaving fee-paying schools vulnerable as more and more families apply for exemptions.

The usual fundraising efforts that are often the lifeblood of schools have been hampered by months of restrictions and lockdowns, an issue that is close to the heart of the Karri team, a mobile payments app. 



Karri’s Marketing Manger, Emma Cox joins Kwena Moabelo On POWER FM to discuss fundraising in schools, an issue that lies close to the Karri Payments team’s heart.

To start using Karri in your school, simply call our support team on 021 300 1867 or via email on

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