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Karri Payments: Pioneers Of The Cash Free School Movement

Here at Karri we genuinely care about change. We are proudly pioneering the cash free school movement and are passionately dedicated to removing the need for cash on school grounds, ultimately making learning environments safer for students and teachers alike.

Eliminating the need for cash on school grounds seems like an ideal situation right? Removing the stress of large amounts of cash on premises where there are hundreds of children seems like a total no-brainer. On paper, this may be the case, but it can be a daunting thought for any financial team to step away from what you know and swap over to a totally cashless system.

With Karri, creating a cash free environment does not have to be such a mammoth task for your school’s financial team. In fact, the Karri system halves your administrative time whilst creating a safer environment for both teachers and students.

As pioneers of the cash free school movement, Karri is here to unpack the basics on moving your school away from cash and onto an online, cash free, safe and secure system.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

What is Karri?

Karri is the only product currently in the school space that combines real-time messages, reminders, a secure payment platform and a comprehensive financial management system. Simply, Karri takes the hassle out of school payments. From civvies days to outings, to sports tours and school fees. Karri can be used for any and every school payment.

Karri is powered by Nedbank, meaning your money is ALWAYS secure.

How does it work for parents?

Karri is 100% free for parents to use. They simply download the app for free onto their smartphone, create a login and start making payments to the school. Parents will receive notifications when there is an upcoming payment, along with the details of the collection and the option to add a reminder to the calendar on their smartphone. Simple!

With a built-in chat feature on Karri’s app and a dedicated support team, your parents have access to assistance at any point should they need help.

How does it work for the school?

There are no hidden costs with Karri. It’s time to wave goodbye to your credit card machine, hefty bank deposit fees and painful reconciliations. By using Karri, you not only save hundreds of hours annually in time but also in money. Karri works on a sliding scale fee, therefore the more money you collect through the Karri app, the smaller the fee you pay. Plus, you can use the Karri system TOTALLY fee free until the end of October 2019 if your school banks with Nedbank. Find out more about this initiative by calling our support team on 021 300 1867.

Karri offers a fully comprehensive financial management system with a user-friendly dashboard where you can create events and collections with ease, monitor payments and reconcile collections.

Setting up your school on Karri:

Karri has dedicated Account Managers appointed across South Africa. We offer free onsite training to all your team members and will happily check in with you on a regular basis to make sure Karri is working optimally at school. We’ll provide your school with all the necessary marketing material you need to get your parents familiar and onboard with Karri.

What sets Karri apart from similar products on the market?

  • Karri is powered by Nedbank, meaning there are no grey areas when it comes to the security of the school and the parent’s money.
  • Karri is the only app in the school space which can provide your school with an all-inclusive, comprehensive financial management system with features such as being able to download class lists to excel and options to create collections such as shopping lists, compulsory collections and partial payment collections. Meaning you can tailor every collection you create to suit individual and specific needs.
  • We are always improving Karri. We have a dedicated team of technicians who work tirelessly night and day to keep the Karri app working at it’s optimum, plus we listen to your feedback. We are always adding new features specifically requested by schools to help better their Karri experience.

Join over 700 schools nationwide and over tens of thousands of happy parents across South Africa who use Karri daily. Together, we can make schools a cash free and safer place. For more information on Karri or to set up a demo in your school contact us today on 021 300 1867 or support@karripay.com

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